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Are you ready to get proactive on your child's college admission success?
This complimentary 1-on-1 Discovery Call will show you exactly how you and your high school student can successfully navigate the college admissions process… So your only decision will be WHICH college your child attends.
You already know being admitted to the right school is the key to your teenager's success.
What you don’t know…is how best to get them in.
(don’t worry, we will help.)
Shereem Herndon-Brown
Read This Before 
Going ANY Further
I know what it’s like to try to navigate the incredibly complex and confusing world of college admissions. Especially WITHOUT the help you expected from your high schooler’s counselors and administrators.

They’re not explaining how to best prepare for success. They’re not helping you avoid the confusion and overwhelm.

You’re lost when it comes to whether the SAT or ACT (or neither) is the right choice for your teenager. 
Shereem Herndon-Brown
CEO, Strategic Admissions Advice
So ask yourself...
What will help your teen stand out from the crowd so they get seen, accepted, and set on the right road to success?
Because up until now you’ve done all you can to give them every opportunity… The best schools, the best tutors, the best private lessons in whatever their passions are…

And the last thing you want is for all that potential to be overlooked by a subpar essay or missed deadline or questionable application.

For your teenager to be left behind because you simply didn’t have the right action plan.

That’s why you need the RIGHT admissions strategy. And what’s more - why do you need the admissions strategy straight from the expert who has helped thousands of students gain acceptance into their top choice schools again and again?

Get The Help You And Your Student Need To Build The Best College List, Write Winning Essays And Land Coveted Spots At The Top Schools!
Imagine feeling 100% confident that you know what to expect, what to do next, and how to do it.
Because maybe it’s been more than a few years since you graduated college…. And in that time, everything has changed.
Admissions offices at the top schools are looking at applications differently than they did 15 or 20 or 30 years ago.

They, of course, have their expectations…but the problem is they’re not sharing exactly what they’re looking for.

You can certainly look online or join message boards and groups of other parents who are just as lost as you are…

Or, you can try to find out what your friends are doing for their kids, and hope they’re going about it the right way.
But without your own dedicated Strategic College Planning Coach, you’re going to miss opportunities that your teen might very well need to rise above the competition and stand out the way you know they can.
Your child has what it takes to succeed at any one of the prestigious schools you choose…as long as you can get them there in the first place.
How It Works
When you schedule your complimentary Discovery Call, we’ll help you understand more about where you are in the admissions process - and where you want to be, as well as the opportunities available to you and your student, where you can improve, and what you might be missing.

And then we’ll show you how we can help guide you through the entire process - from an in-depth Strategy Session with me that will give you your first steps…all the way to a white-glove strategic consulting relationship that gives you the access, answers, and advantage you’re looking for.
This is how you best prepare your high school student for long-term success… how you access the preparation and planning that leads to possibility.
But it all starts with this discovery conversation.
What Will Your Child Achieve When Given This Opportunity?
Stop wondering if there’s more you could do when you have the right strategic advantage at your fingertips.
meet Shereem
Hi, I’m Shereem Herndon-Brown, Master Strategist, College List Builder, and Chief Education Officer at Strategic Admissions Advice

For almost 20 years, Strategic Admissions Advice has been helping parents and students to prepare strong applications to some of the best colleges and universities in the country.

Before that, I was an admissions officer at Georgetown University as well as a school counselor at two different elite private high schools. My company has helped clients get admitted to schools like Duke, USC, Howard, Middlebury, Penn State, Michigan, and Wake Forest and everything in between. 
Shereem Herndon-Brown
Ask yourself: what colleges are on YOUR teen’s list?

At Strategic Admissions Advice, we know what colleges are looking for. We know which ones require the SAT or ACT, which ones weigh extracurriculars heavily, and what makes an essay awesome. 

We’ve helped over 1,000 high school students and their parents navigate the overwhelm and confusion to approach their college admissions process with clarity, confidence, and (most importantly)... results.

But more than that… Like you, my team of college planning coaches and I are parents who want the best for our children. We know how frustrating it is to try to figure out what to do next, how to make the best impression, and stay competitive in a process that has changed drastically since many of you applied to college.

And even though we’re experts in this…we also know how overwhelming it is when it’s your own child’s future on the line. Personally, when my 16-year-old started the college admissions process… I got overwhelmed, too.

I don’t want you to be frustrated, overwhelmed, or anxious. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to work with successful, ambitious families just like yours to not only know what to do every step of the way… 

But also ensure that you and your teen have the right information to choose the right colleges, write the best essays, and execute a strategic action plan in order to have college admissions success!
Information and guidance is the difference between your teen’s top choice school and possibly having to settle for a school they have no interest in attending. 

Having our expertise on your side gives you and your teenager the best possible outcome.

That’s what we want for you. That’s why we’re here. Let us help…

Discover The Advantage You Can Offer Your Child 
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